We have notice that the cost of learning has been increasing steadily over the years and that is going to make it harder for people to learn. With the growth of Internet, we believe that using web-based technology is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of learning.

Moodle is an easy to use and is designed to support both teaching and learning. It is robust, secure, private, and mobile. Most importantly, it is backed by a strong community of developers like us at MIS.

We provide a fully managed hosted solution to all of our clients. In addition, our solution is flexible enough to be implemented as a delivered solution, installed on our client’s server.

Which level of managed hosted solution do you need?

Individual Plan:
100 User Accounts
1 GB Storage
10 Courses
Rp 100,000/month
Rp 1,000,000/year
Shared domain
Group Plan:
500 User Accounts
10 GB Storage
100 Courses
Rp 500,000/month
Rp 5,000,000/year
Your own subdomain
Professional Plan:
1000 User Accounts
20 GB Storage
200 Courses
Rp 800,000/month
Rp 8,000,000/year
Your domain

Additional 10 User Accounts @Rp 10,000/month
Additional Course @Rp 3,000/month
2 months discount for annual payment
These prices are used for guidelines only and may differ upon findings of the requirements

Each of our plan includes the following features:

Each account offers specified capacities, including: storage, courses, and number of accounts
See above for more information

Value-Added Services:
Consultation to maximize moodle
Moodle documentation assistance
Pro-rated pricing is available if an account upgrade is needed within 1 year of ordering
Any shared hosting account can be upgraded at any time without disruption of service

Added Bonus:
Website design and maintenance with Professional Plan

Data Security Services:
Daily back-up to a separate partition to allow restoration of previous day’s Moodle site configuration

Technical Support:
Each account has access to our technical support
Free setup of standard Moodle
Free installation and customization of standard Moodle, including up to 3 third-party blocks, modules, or other modifications
Free upgrade of standard Moodle to major or minor point release (e.g., 2.0 to 2.1 or 2.2.1 to 2.2.5)

Interested? Please contact us for more detail.